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Transform Energy alleviates poverty by creating clean energy at the village level using abundantly available renewable biomass


Mother Nature takes 300 million years to produce coal. Transform Energy’s team of Aerospace and Mechanical engineers have converted mesquite chips (an invasive biomass) into “green coal” in one hour.

We will produce green coal in radically affordable kilns in 100,000 villages, shortening distances for collecting biomass and distributing fuel to customers, and burning green coal to produce radically distributed electricity which reduces transmission line losses.

This economical, environment-friendly fuel mimics nature’s balanced carbon cycle. This clean replacement for coal, when burned efficiently, creates minimal climate impact and will fill gaps left by solar and wind. Replacing coal means greatly reducing 40% of global carbon emissions, while creating a clean way to provide 45% of the world’s electricity.

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Green Coal

Transform Energy has developed a low-carbon-emitting green coal substitute that can be produced in simplified, radically decentralized village kilns.


These kilns convert invasive mesquite chips into bio-coal through a one-hour process. Torrefied mesquite looks and burns like coal with minimal net impact.

Job Creation

Establishing decentralized village kilns to produce torrefied green coal in rural areas, creates new entrepreneurial opportunities, local jobs and alleviates poverty.

Join us to Transform Poverty and Climate Change at the Village Level

– Dr. Paul Polak – Transform Energy Founder